Monday, March 16, 2009


K, so I'm sitting here trying to think of something positive to pry out of this sich-yay-shun the Oilers find themselves in of late.  Let's take a look...

The Negatives:
The PP sucks.  The PK sucks.  Three straight OT losses.  Hemsky isn't scoring.   Teams that are far below us in the standings seem to find ways to beat us.  It's friggin' cold and snowy in March.  Life seems to suck right now in Oil Country.

The Positives:
OMG!!!1!! moment:  I was staring at the standings waiting for something to jump out at me...and I quickly noticed the Oilers' startling inability to win in regulation has lead to the startling inability to win in OT as well.  Eureeka!  That's it!  This is the positive I've been looking for!  The wonderful LOSER POINT!  Five points in our last 10 from just gettin' er to OT.  Sweet baby jesus, whoda thought losing could somehow be a positive?  The Oilers are still in a play off spot cuz of it.  Another positve?  The Wild, Ducks and Stars, whom the Oilers are in a dog fight with for a ticket to the dance, all have less points in their last 10 games.  The other teams in the mix being, Nashville, Columbus and St. Louis have gathered more points in the last 10...but they're not running away with it either:

Vancouver 81 15
Columbus 78 12
Dallas 74 9
Edmonton 73 11
Nashville 73 15
St. Louis 72 14
Minnesota 72 7
Anaheim 70 9

Yes, due to pitty points, the Oilers have eeked out 11 points in their last 10 games.  It's enough to stay in the mix, for now.   Who saw this coming!?!   By most standards this sort of record isn't great...mediocrity often isn't great by its very definition, but it could be much worse.   We could be Minnesota.  We could be Anaheim.   We could even be Dallas.   It would suck to be Dallas, but they have those sweet "Ice Girls".  Only in Texas could they somehow find a way to make cheerleaders part of hockey.  I love it.  Moving on...

Anyways, yes the team has issues, no question.  Maybe they'll make it, maybe they won't...but HOPEFULLY they can get their shit together real fast and hand it to St. Louis tomorrow night down at the Pharmacy.  Enough of this mediocrity...get to the winnin' already...and DON'T GO TO OT!

I still think this smells like '06.  Just sayin...


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