Tuesday, March 3, 2009

AVP - Ales Vs. Predators

Big game tonight.


Collossal interstellar battle.  Good vs. Evil.  Ales vs. Predators.

The preds currently sit one big comfy point behind us in the log jammed Western Conference standings.  This is yet another one of those proverbial "4 point" games.  

The Oilers appear to be floundering somewhat of late.  They haven't put forth a solid full 60 minute effort in...well...I'm too lazy to remember.  What I can remember off the top of my head is that they got lucky against Minnie last Saturday and had Rollie steal the show, they laid up a stinker against the BJ's and almost had Rollie steal the show, they got lucky against the Bolts and got an empty netter to make the score look much better than it actually was and of course they blew a 3rd period lead with just over a minute to go against the Flames - only to blow the shootout with ZERO shots on net.  ZERO.  The SHOOTOUT.  Skater + Goalie + Puck.  ZZZZzzero shots. 

Anyways, I think the Oilers are gonna win tonight.  4-2.  Hemmer with the strong game.  We need a big game out of Hemmer.  I think he's gonna bring it.  He seems to like the road games.

Towel Boy

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