Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ilya Kovalchuk To Edmonton (E5)

No lie. Ilya is coming to Edmonton tomorrow night. He's coming with his Atlanta Thrashers in tow to play a hockey match against the Mighty Oilers. I should mention here that he's coming in with his team on a 3 game winning streak and he's also coming in with 12 points in his last 5 games. Great. Just great.

Imagine the scene above, played out 45 to 50 plus times next season: The post goal bench flyby. Imagine your jubilation. Imagine your pride. Imagine Ilya Kovalchuk as an Edmonton Oiler.

*sigh...stares longinly into image dreaming of what could be*

Yes. I want to see Ilya Kovalchuk in Oiler silks next season. It's possible. He is a UFA next summer. If things go south, the Oilers will probably be looking to restructure their salary commitments somewhat and would likely love to find room for a Kovalchukian type of guy. I'm sure the Thrashers would love to resign him too and will probably do everything in their power to do so. Let's just hope Katz does a good sell job on him this summer and seals the deal with rides in his private jet, Rexall One.

I would like to think that if the Oilers strike out with Hossa this summer, they'll likely be looking to add a top gun of some sort to please fans like me who like flashy goal scorers. Ilya is exactly that: flashy, shiny, Russiany and goal dream of what could be.


  1. "It's possible. He is a UFA this summer."
    ~ The Towel Boy

    During the Trading Deadline, I was sure nothing would happen, other than Cole getting moved.

    I think the oil, will make moves this draft day.

    The 411 ? Sorry I do not know, no Idea..

    But to dream, a little dream...

  2. Nice work on the photoshop!

    I would rather see Kovalchuk than Hossa here. Kovalchuk is younger than Hossa, so an 8 or 10 year mega $$$ deal looks better on paper than signing 30 year old guy for the same cash & term.

    A 26 year old guy getting a 10 year deal makes sense - a 30 year old guy getting an 8 year deal seems ridiculous to me.


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