Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The Oilers can't let this business about Bob Gainey stepping behind the bench get into their heads when they visit the Bell Centre tonight.  MacT should pay no attention either...no for real...he's safe.  Right?

For the second time in three seasons, Bob's back.  He decided that the shit show Carbo has been running isn't good enough to guarantee a playoff birth this spring.  I guess he thinks he can do better.  I guess the pressure is on to make the dance in the 100th season of the Habs.  

I don't know, maybe he can make it happen.  Maybe Guy just quit.  Maybe the players quit on Guy.  All I know is that coach firings are anyone's guess as to how the team will respond.  My guess is they'll come out swinging.  But like I said...the Oilers can't let this business of Gainey taking over interfere with THEIR compete level.  They need to bring it.

This is the same team that the Oilers mopped the floor with about a month ago putting up a nice healthy 7-2 win.  The Oilers need to channel those memories into this evening's affair and continue the moppage of the Habs in the season series.  The Oilers need wins badly if they want to make the post season.  Both teams have something to prove in that regard, so it should be a feisty affair.

Sounds like B.D.P. (Big Dustin Penner) sits tonight and Row-bert Neelson will draw back into the lineup after sitting and watching from the rafters for four games.  MacT says he can't wait anymore for BDP to get his shit together and, with Bobby heading back in the lineup, there's no room with the newly added depth for everyone.  So BDP sits.  

There's a good back and fourth started by Jonathan Willis over at Oilersnation.com about the surprising merits of BDP on the top line.  It's a good read.  It pretty much boils down to "yeah, BDP isn't the fastest moving guy, he's not the skinniest, and he's not the biggest producer...but he's probably the best option on the top line given what else we've got."  Who saw that coming!?!

Current odds out there on the internets have the Oilers at a 55.2% chance of making the playoffs.  It could go up as high as 70% after tonight if the following longshot happens:

  1. The Oilers win.
  2. The Caps beat the Preds.
  3. The B's beat the BJ's.
  4. The Sharks beat the Wild.
  5. The Blues beat the Stars.
So yeah...if those five events take place tonight.  Big gains in the Odds tonight.  Yeah, I know...good luck right?  Yah.  Nothing better than relying on other teams to improve your playoff hopes.

On a side note:  I wouldn't be too disappointed if somebody decided to cream Plekanic tonight...if you recall it was he who decided to be a dirty shithead and sloughfoot Grebs into the end boards in their meeting at RX1 last month. 




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