Friday, March 6, 2009

Well for fuck sakes

Twelve seconds into the game last night I knew I was about to witness a piece of shit hockey game.

I don't know what it is with the Oilers these days, but these so called "must win" games down the stretch here don't look like much of a big deal to most of the team.

Lazy plays, lazy players, indifferent looking superstars and all around general bone headed plays are killing this team lately.  A complete lack of effort on the part of some players.

I wanna see some god damned PLAYOFF INTENSITY FROM HERE ON OUT!   DAMMIT!

The kind of intensity that people lose 5 teeth from an errant clearing attempt and come back after getting a few stitches to set up the game winner.  The kind of intensity that causes your Captain to play with dislocated shoulders.  The kind of intensity that causes pucks to enter the opposition's net by sheer fear.  The kind of intensity that takes you deep into the playoffs.  

Leave it all out on the ice type of shit.

Rollie seems to be the only player that is consistently playing at this level lately.  The rest of the team seems to be invisible one game and there the next.  Except for Sam Gagner over the past few games.  Quite solid.

Gagner played his wee little heart out again last night.  He was all over the ice.  Banging, crashing, scoring, passing, preparing donairs for Penner and generally being the little buzz saw we hoped he'd be out of the gates this season.

MacT didn't sound terribly impressed with most of his defensive core in the post game comments last night.  In fact, it was probably one of the few times this season where he didn't try and spin the game to sound like it was better than it was.  There was no "Well, I thought we played good, we got a lot of good looks at the net."  There was no "The score wasn't indicative of how well we played."  No...just MacT calling out his defense and looking generally pissed off at most of his team.  

GOOD!  Now maybe something will happen to kickstart this team into playoff mode.

One can only hope.

Towel Boy, out.


  1. The calgary flames are a bunch of fu(&!ng selfish b@$tards... they might as well have kicked preggo women in the gut and thrown babies into the street in their mad panic to scoop up their H1N1 Vaccine before they ran out...

    Even if it was allowed and you were told to get it, if you are a healthy low risk person you should have the balls to say, let the people who NEED it get it first.

    Funny how the rich millionaire b!tch hockey players grab it up but the Stampeders said they would wait their turn...

    Fu(% the flames and their whole organization... all last week they were saying they were goign to run low... and how even Firefighters and Cops etc.. couldn't jump the line and get it and had to wait in line... so what do the a$$h0le flames do?? tell everyone to go fu(& themselves and cut some deal and kick everyone aside.

    Here's hoping the flames get that neurological disease from the vaccine and preferrably die...

    Oh yeah and I am a born and raised Calgarian... I just hate bitchass hockey players like these pricks


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