Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oilers at Endor vs. The Evil Galactic Empire

Allow me to nerd out for a moment...

If the Oiler season could be a story arc of sorts, and one could compare that story arc to one of the greatest double trilogies of all time - "Star Wars"....this would be the point of the story in "Return of the Jedi" where we await to see if Han Solo can successfully disable the shield generator on Endor...with the help of the Ewoks, of course.

It's the moment where you think all hope is lost. The empire has seemingly won. The Ewoks are dying. The sad music is playing. Luke is about to get his ass tazed by the Emperor. It's basically as shitty as you can think it can get. Much like where some think the Oilers are right now in their season.

But you know what? You know who had hope? You know who Mr. Positive was? It was Han's old buddy Lando. Lando Calrissian. Lando believed in his heart that Han would get that shield generator down. But there was another believer. That believer was a five year old me. I believed Lando was indeed correct and Han would get that generator down. Why? Cuz even though I was five...I knew the story would suck if Han didn't do his job. The baby Ewoks would have died for nothing. Even a five year old knows baby Ewoks dying for nothing doesn't make good cinema.

I look at this next game coming up in Phoenix tommorrow night as the battle on Endor for control of the shield generator. The shield generator is, of course, a playoff spot and the Oilers are Han Solo. The happy ending all hinges on whether or not they do their job. If they wanna blow up the Death Star (win the Cup)...they need to win this pivotal battle to get there. Han didn't let the baby Ewoks die for nothing and I hope the Oilers have the same morals. Come on Oilers, do it for the baby Ewoks. With their cute little black beady eyes and fluffy fur. Do it for them! Let's get that generator down so we can blow up that Death Star!

/end nerdness.

What does all this Star Wars talk at all have to do with the Dessert Dog up there?  Absolutely nothing...but thanks for reading.

Your Pal,

The Towel Boy
Jedi Master


  1. George Lucas taught us all that sometimes Black people ARE ok!

    And that Zebra striped Ewok creeped the hell outta me.

    And does this make Gretz Darth Vader? The former Jedi now working for the Dark Side?!?!

  2. @PC: Yep. The Zebra Ewok seemed like the "tribe dickhead" to me.

    Wanye as Darth Vader...hmmm...well I did hear that Waney can choke people with the power of his mind....soo...I guess if the shoe fits!

  3. I believe in this instance that he is talking about the REAL Wayne Gretzky not the REAL Wanye Gretz.

    If I was Vader I would totally do that thing where he crushes people without touching them ALL THE TIME.


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