Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is This The Year?

With the NHL Regular season getting under way today (SQUEEEEE!!!!1!!), I thought it would be fun to sort of lay out my hopes and dreams for the upcoming season as far as my beloved Oilers are concerned.

I'm going to go with that "Is this the year?" thing the NHL had going on a while back in their marketings.

Let's get down and dirty, shall we?*

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Ales Hemsky plays almost an entire season and reaches that coveted "point per game" mark?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Dustin Penner further expands on his role a top line 30+ goal scorer?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that JF Jacques plays more than five whole games in a row before going on the IR list?  (Nope...he's already on the IR)

Is this the year!?!?  ...that the entire team doesn't succumb to Swine Flu/Mono/Broken Limbs/Erectile dysfunction?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Shawn Horcoff battles back into the good graces of Oiler fans with savvy veteran leadership and a solid 2-way game?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Sam Gagner starts to pile up the points like he did in Junior?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Theo Peckham sends someone from the Flame's organization to the infirmary thanks to a bone crushing hit?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that we don't have to listen to Mark Lee do the games on CBC?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Gilbert Brule scores 30?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Andrew Cogliano goes over 50% at the faceoff dot?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Tom Gilbert finally finds the perfect shoe to go with that European Carryall bag?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that one of the Edmonton rookies of MPS, Eberle or Hall lead in rookie scoring?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Tyler Seguin crashes and burns and makes the Hall pick look soooo good?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Khabibulin plays more than 20 games on his way to Team MVP?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that the Oilers play exciting hockey, but finish with a top 3 pick in next year's draft?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that the Oilers surprise everyone and make the playoffs?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Sheldon Souray plays the entire season with the AHL's Hershey Bears?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Stortini says "uhmm", "andhuh" and "youknow" 3,239 times in interviews over the course of the year?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that MacIntyre actually does his job as a Nuclear Deterrent and provides the younglings and little guys with the confidence to play without the fear of getting destroyed...while also scoring 5 goals?

Is this the year!?!?  ...that Steve Smith scores one in his own net...from behind the bench?

Is this the year!?!?  ...Curtis Foster makes everyone forget about that Souray fellow?

Is this the year!?!?  ...Jim Vandermeer reaches 15,000 followers on Twitter?

Is this the year!?!?  ...the beer in Rexall goes DOWN a dollar in price?

Is this the year!?!?  ...the Oilers decide on whether it's JDD or Dubnyk?

Is this the year!?!?  ...Ryan Jones proves why he was a better choice than Reddox?

Is this the year!?!?  ...Ryan Whitney provides stability on the back-end?

Is this the year!?!?  ...I finally put a name and number on the back of my two blank Oiler jerseys?

Is this the year!?!?  ...Bell TV gets Sportsnet One?

Is this the year!?!?  ...Tom Renney somehow earns coach of the year honours?

Is this the year!?!?  

LET'S DOOOOOOooooo THIS!!!!1!**


*that's what she said!
**that is also something she said.