Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sam "Raging Bull" Gagner


Ok, so this afternoon the Oilers and the Kings met in L.A. to fight and call each other names, and a game of hockey broke out.

In a game filled with 3 fighting majors, a nice array of minor penalties and some awesome hits from both sides it was clear that Sam Gagner would have to step in and chuck some knuckles to settle this thing down. Who saw this coming?!?

That's right...Sam Friggin' Gagner dropped his tiny gloves with Jack Johnson this afternoon and stood up for himself after a net crashin' post whistle scrum.

Both players landed some decent shots and tagged each other in the final blows. After it was all over Gags had a bloody nose and my respect to show for his efforts (which is huge...cuz I'm kind of a big deal). It doesn't matter who won or lost, what matters is that Sam Friggin' Gagner dropped the gloves. My wee Little Sammy.

*tear of pride rolls down cheek*

Math Time:
Interesting statistic (Jonathan Willis, take note) - this was Sam Gagner's 2nd career NHL fight.

The following graph will analyze Gagner's number of fights and the distribution of the months in which they occured:

That's right! Both of Sam Gagner's NHL fights have occured in month of February. Who saw that coming?!? February 16th, 2008 and Today to be exact.

Maybe Sam's got lady troubles and the general region of Valentine's Day (tm) sends him into a week long, angry, alcohol fueled fit of rage where he would fight his own mother if she was within swinging distance.

Either way...I've got my calendar marked for mid February, 2010 for Sam's next tilt. Can't wait!

Yours truly,

Winston J. Towel Boy IV - esq.


  1. ROFL. Your blog is shaping up quite nicely. New TB picture looks great.

    I also noticed that about Sam. Almost to the day for him. Next year grab a small guy to tango with.

  2. Thanks Ray!

    Yeah, what's with this kid fightin' in February?

    I must say though, I enjoy the fire in his belly lately...crashin' nets and goalies. Fightin' and scoring goals. Oh, and I ket a kick out of how he celebrates when he scores - it's like it's a Game 7 winning goal every time with that kid...I enjoy a good goal celebration.

  3. Tencer was saying that even Johnson was giving Sam props across the penalty boxes. My respect for that kid got a whole lot bigger after that tilt.
    Like Ray said, this blog is shapin' up! Just don't get caught live blogging at RX1. I hear the Oiler MIB's love it when they catch a guy doin' that. Heh heh.


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