Sunday, February 15, 2009

Swedish Meatballs

A couple months back, Jonathan Willis over at posted a little blurb about a Swedish Edmonton Oilers prospect by the name of Linus Omark (I'm sure there's Swedish accent thingies in his name somewhere - like they have on Ikea furniture names...but I can't find them on my keyboard). In this little article by Willis he outlined a few points about this relatively unknown player trying to make his way in the Swedish Elite League. The article is interesting and words are good...but what I zeroed in on was the youtube video Willis embedded in his article:

Pretty slick there Cowboy.

You: B.F.D. Towel Boy...why is this news? Willis showed me this 2 months ago.

Me: Hey look, a bird!!

Moving on...
I was looking at the pictures in the Edmonton Journal today and I couldn't help but read the title of a particular article entitled "Prospect Dazzles". After failing to see more pictures that would reveal to me the point of this article...I had someone read it to me and discovered the article in question was about Linus Omark. Apparently in a recent hockey match in the Swedish Elite League, Mr. Omark dazzled again...scoring a goal with the old cut-across-net-put-puck-between-legs-move-and-roof-puck-over-goalie-just-under-crossbar move. See moving picture box below:

Unnamed Swedish Goalie, you siv. You shoulda saw that coming.

Now, this move isn't anything super special. Many players have done it in all sorts of skill competitions all over the world. Hell, even the Towel Boy himself can do long as there is no goalie, no defenders nearby, not during an actual competitive game and hitting the net is optional. What makes this little move so sweet is that it happened in an actual game. On an actual goalie. In an actual net. Against actual players. As far as I know, the SEL is no slouch in terms of competition either, which only adds to the growing youtube legend that is Linus Omark. Did I mention he leads the SEL in points? Good work kid.

I just hope his youtube legend doesn't over hype the hell out of him like another Oiler prospect. A certain player who's name rhymes with ROB SCHREMP.

*crosses fingers*


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