Saturday, February 7, 2009

Every start has its beginning.

Now that I've blown your mind with that clever on.

I'm an Edmonton Oilers fan and here's my plan:

As a regular contributor of inane babble and seemingly incoherrent ramblings in the comment sections of the most excellent, I've become extremely jealous of the contributors to that site and other excellent Oilers related blogs in the blogosphere of the Mighty Oil. I see them strutting around the internets with their diamond earrings, fur coats, ferraris and, of course, the multitude of willing and able ladies. This has made me draw the conclusion that blogging = fame and fortune and I must act quickly and decisively if I want my cut.

So, that being said...

Each week* or so I plan on discussing** certain aspects of my beloved ice hockey syndicate: The Edmonton Oilers. The plan is to highlight stuff you didn't see coming...and laugh at you for not seeing it coming. I appologize in advance, but's not my fault you don't regularly read
Oilersnation and thus did not see it coming. I also want to include happenings and surprise oddities of the NHL in general as well***.

So, that being said...

Who saw that coming?!?

TB, out.

*could possibly be monthly, quarterly or whenever the fuck I get around to it.
**rambling without structure, general prose or good grammar.

***or not, who knows.


  1. Nice one TB! I'll check in here from time to time to see what mayhem you have concocted.

    And no. I didn't see it coming.


    I saw this coming. Totally and fer sure.

    That asian lady is rad. Me love her long time

  3. What the hell... The Nation could always use one more. Yeah!!!

  4. Woah...3 people have read my I HAVE to follow thru with this. AWESOME! Bring on the ladies!


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