Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm coming for you...

A few weeks ago a certain founding member of that goes by the name "Wanye Gretz" decided he'd like to start a little friendly fantasy salary cap pool at

I enjoy a good friendly contest of intellect and jump at any opportunity to show off my cerebral bulk...but this was all that he could come up with, so I joined.  I created my team over the course of many days using complex mathematical formulae and in depth statistical analysis to come up with the ultimate in fantasy draft teamery.  

Turns out I forgot to carry a one and got off to a rocky start.  BUT!  I've made certain corrections and have slowly been creeping my way up the standings with one goal in mind:

And that is to take down Wanye Gretz's - Lord Sexington's Steeds.

Oh yes, the good "lord" is gonna get some...and soon.  As you can see in the picture below, I currently sit one spot below Mr. Gretz.
Well Mr. Gretz.  I'm here today to tell you that you better keep your head on a swivel buddy...cuz the PAIN TRAIN is coming.  What's that?  You only got 14 points last night? my 181!?!  Yeah...that's what I thought.

Volley to you, dear Sir.


Gen. Winston J. Towelboy,  Supreme Allied Commander - European Campaign


  1. My my my.

    Consider the volley returned. Any interest in placing a friendly wager on the matter? Monetary or otherwise you decide.

  2. OOoo...I shall think long and hard about something to wager...LONG and HARD.

  3. What you both seem to have failed to recognized, is that sneaking up behind you (in a very sneakily fashion), The Monday Guys are very slowly gaining.
    at this rate, i'll be breathing down your neck in exactly...*calculates in head... 475 Months

    can that be right

    *looks down sadly

  4. How come no SRB Cigarillos in the top 14? Oh right... I suck. Damn you crappy players!!!

    But I'm not last. Yay!


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