Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That Didn't Go As Planned

Sooo...yaaa....right. ...I've got nothing much to say, except that they're not mathematically eliminated yet.  But honestly...even a run of the table in the final games doesn't guarantee squat. So, while I don't like their odds...they're not completely done yet.

I will say this; I thought MacT looked like a hero for putting Zach Stortini out as the extra attacker when he pulled Rollie.  That gamble paid off big time as Zach Attack made a sweet deflection to get the Oilers within one.  Of all the players he could have chosen...he picked old Zack Attack.  Speaks volumes for Stortini's play of late...and not so much for some other so called "talented" players.

...and then the stick measurement call happened...

While the timing for a bad outcome on that call wasn't the best, I believe MacT was 100% sure it was going to go their way, otherwise he wouldn't have made the call.  He acted on what he thought was accurate information and it didn't work out.  Shit happens.  Neidermeyer even admitted after the game that Selanne's stick probably wasn't legal prior to the game and that he was "glad he took care of it before the game."  It still doesn't take the sting away though.

Now it's on to the Sharks.  That should be a guaranteed win.  Right?  I mean the Oilers are behind the 8 ball now.  The collective hockey world has written them off.  That's how they like it.  This "come from behind when you're down and out" scenario is getting pretty old here in Oil Country.  But whatever,  I'm still in it for the long haul...I have to believe they can do it....what else can I do?  I'm too much of a fan and will be until the bitter end.

Now, anyone have some glue?  I've got some broken stuff I need to put back together.

Truly yours,

The Towel Boy

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