Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is This Thing On?

Hello there.

Where do I begin?

Well first off, how about a little story as to where in the hell this lovely corner of the Internet went over the past few months...

Our story begins around month two of the 2009/2010 Regular Season of my beloved Edmonton Oilers. Up to that point, there was still the annual hope in the air that the Oilers could somehow churn out another mediocre-barely-make-the-playoffs-in-fact-not-even-make-the-playoffs-but-give-a-good-showing-over-the-final-twenty-games effort. Turns out that was nothing but a pipe dream, as the Season From Hell™ was gathering steam...and lots of it.

Injuries, the flu, mono, concussions, surgeries, DUI's, general malaise, constipation, urinal tract infections...you name it, it happened. Not to mention what the Edmonton Oilers went through! Ok...kidding...that was all them. The team could not buy a break, even with the billions of dollars in Katz's piggy bank. They sucked. I grew weary.

As the losses mounted and the roster took on an ECHL flavor this feeling of "I don't give a shit" began to take a hold of me. It was rough. As a die hard Oiler fan for many many moons I can tell you this feeling of not caring about my team was quite foreign to me. As a result of the Oilers' Shitshow™, the "Who Saw This Coming!?!" you all know and love took a direct blow to the post count. My posts came further and further apart, eventually with me not even caring enough to post something like "at least we have the 1st overall pick!1!!" But no. A picture I found of Jordan Eberle was my last post...World Juniors? Seriously? WOW.

It's sad, because I'm the guy that buys all the PPV games no matter what...even after the Smyth Trade™. Not this year. I'm the guy that plans his social calendar around off-nights of the Edmonton Oilers. Not this year. I'm the guy that plans his social calendar around on-nights of the Edmonton Oilers. "Let's meet for drinks at (insert name of place with TV's that show Oiler games)" I would say. Not this year. I'm the guy that goes to as many games as I can possibly afford. "I don't need to eat this month." I would say. Not this year. I went to two games ...and they were free.

Now that the Season From Hell™ is long over and I have had some time to heal. I feel my love for my team creeping back in. There's a lot to look forward to for next season. I mean...they can't get any worse, really. There's a pretty good draft pick coming in. Some young prospects will be knocking at the door. Tambo is supposedly done assessing and plans on cleaning some house this summer. It can't possibly turn out any worse. Can it? I don't think so. I don't expect them to be a playoff team next season, but I do expect them to not be DEAD FUCKING LAST again.

So, with that all in mind, this place is NOT dead. It is still here. I will still toss up my beautiful photoshop creations. I will still spew what ever is in my head out into this blogging machine and I will do it a little more regularly. I am, afterall, The Towel Boy. I have fans. (Thanks Mom!)

Speaking of The Pint - NationDraft Playoff Editions.... Have you seen where I currently sit?

That's right. 7th. Who saw this coming!?!

But I'm gonna admit. I am royally fucked after this round of the playoffs is over. Look at my team:


Well, it was good while it lasted.



  1. Good to know I wasn't the only malcontent. Many TV battles were avoided by the shitanulously amazing season we witnessed.

  2. The fatal flaw in Team STEVE HOLT!!! was the inability to think that Vancouver & Chicago wouldn't meet until the Stanley Cup Final.

    My hopes & dreams of overcoming my 24 point deficit is riding the ability of the Habs to knock of Sid & either the checkers in Vancouver to remember that they score points or Duncan Keith to start scoring like Bobby Orr & Dan Boyle to stop scoring on himself (were points subtracted for that?).

  3. Oh, tell me about it. This season of me not caring has filled our PVR with various shows that my wife loves. Everything from Food Network, Slice and HGTV. Normally there wouldn't be any time/space available to record that stuff. What with all the OILER GAMES on. I just didn't care though. 1/2 way thru a game the PVR would flick over to some wedding dress show and start recording and I would just sit there and watch it happen....not caring one bit.

    I will spend the better part of this summer trying to regain my alpha male status on the PVR and thus over rule my wife's selections.

  4. 7? Ha! I've got 142. Suck on that. (That's how this works right?)

  5. I don't believe it works that way. I think this is like golf. You want a low score so you drink lots of beer, hit on the beer cart girl and just fudge your scorecard. I think.

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