Friday, January 8, 2010

A Real Canadian Hero

I stumbled upon this gem on the old internets today. Classic.

Two Words: 1. AWE. 2. SOME.

There's been a lot of talk in the Oilogosphere since the end of the World Junior Championship about Jordan Eberle. Some fans think he is the savior that this team needs. Some have a more measured outlook that we should wait and see how he looks playing in the NHL before we plan the ticker tape parade. Then there are other absolute buzzkilling trolls that call him a bumb and a loser. We ignore those guys. Well, I do at least.

I'm in the "let's wait and see how he does against NHL players" group. I'm not stupid and I realize that good Jr. numbers don't always translate into elite level NHL numbers. For that reason alone I haven't ordered my Oiler jersey with "EBERLE 14" on the back. That being said...I wouldn't hesitate to get a Team Canada jersey with "EBERLE 14" on the back.

Nobody can question the ability of this kid to score clutch goals in very tense situations on the world stage in the name of Canada. He's a gamer. I just hope he can translate some of the magic he's performed on the Jr. stage in the NHL. Time will tell.




  1. You just made my Facebook profile picture.

  2. Jordan's a great kid and a good hockey player. Your right, we'll see if he's a great hockey player in the next few years. We worked the WJC this year and chatted with him a few times, down to earth, no ego. I wish him a solid career, he deserves it.

  3. What the hell!?! SOMEONE STILL READS THIS PAGE?!?

    *runs off to think of some new content*

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