Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Huge Free Agency Signing

My new home?

Soooo...word came down from my agent today that I signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal with Jeanshorts and Baggedmilk.   I also hear that Admiral Rusty Shackleford has signed with the team as well. 

This is good stuff.  Those two fuckers over there at the JSBM Research Center and Child Day Care Home come up with some pretty crazy shit.  They scour the internet and find the stupidest/lamest/weirdest/funniest/hotest/randomest shit the internet has to offer, add a Megan Fox picture or video and then open up discussions about it.  Think of it as an internet town hall for filth and trash.  Not only do they offer up the underbelly of the internet, they also are diehard Oiler fans and are hosts to the Oiler game night internet gathering of the Bonsignore Citizens Brigade...which is a good way to bitch about the game as it goes on with fellow fans who like to swear and talk about boobs.  The best of all worlds really.

So...heads up internet citizens...this should be interesting.


  1. Be sure to send us your e-mail address you want used for your login.

    It's a proud day.


  2. Did JSBM end up overpaying? I bet TB is a HUGE cap hit for the organization.

  3. @ David

    I can tell you with certainty that JSBM will not be eating for years to come.


  4. Let's just say I can afford to buy a new house every time I take a shit instead of flushing.

  5. Whoa Whoa Whoa... Back the truck up...
    Towel Boy has an agent?!? He's getting paid?

    All I got out of this deal is a girly pen that gets nasty for me when I turn it upside down. I still think I got the most compensation I possibly could have and call these negotiations a complete success.

  6. Towel Boy !

    Congrats on finally getting a job !

    *Sniff* I am so Proud !


    Towel StepMom


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