Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Blackberry Dude Is At It Again

Seriously...who would stand in the way
of giving this guy a franchise?

I'll tell you who:  Gary Bettman and the NHL Owners Club™.  That's who.

For some reason Jim Balsillie doesn't like to play by the rules.  Most billionaires don't.  I can't say I blame him.  If I could buy islands and small countries with the change in the ashtray of my Ferrari I'd probably have little regard for "the rules of society" as well.

But, the society of the NHL Owners Club™ is a tricky one to slither into.  From all accounts it's a bit of an Old Boys Club...and in order to get in, you HAVE to play by their rules.  They don't seem to enjoy flashy billionaires trying to circumvent the bureaucratic process, and Jim has tried to do just that on two previous occaisions. 

So, we'll see how Canada's favorite billionaire makes out this time around.  It sounds like courts would be involved and then there's the matter of whether or not a bankruptcy court has the authority to tell the NHL how to conduct its business.  This could get ugly. 

In related news...

Baggedmilk says the team will be called the Hamilton Storm...get it?  Balsillie?...Research In Motion?...Blackberry?....STORM?....I must say, that is quite clever.  I'm in. 

Signed lovingly as always,



  1. Don't you dare give jeanshorts the credit for Hamilton Storm. That son of a bitch is not nearly clever enough to come up with that.



  2. haha...WOOPS!!

    Did I ever fuck that one up.


    My appoligies.

  3. ...but to my credit, you two share one I was right. :O

  4. I will tell you this about jeanshorts' brain. It's filled with countless hours of downloaded porn, and the odd computer skill.

    My brain is filled with countless hours of downloaded porn, and other filth.

    Obviously we're very different.


  5. Did somebody say my name?

    *Matrix's out of the way of baggedmilk's shoe*




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