Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is This Thing On?

*tap tap tap*

Umm, is this thing on?


I believe it has been over a year since I last posted anything on this site. The last "post" was just a terrible photoshop of Nuge wearing Cooperalls®.

I'm gonna be honest, the Oilers' suckatude over the past few seasons has ground my will to blog about them into dust. They have broken my blogging spirit; not that it was much of a spirit to begin with, but I still did enjoy posting ridiculous theories, photoshops and thoughts about the team every now and then. I don't even know what brought me here today, but since I'm here I thought I would pound out a few words and clean out the blogging pipes a bit. Time to do some dusting and tidying up around this place. I've got my feather duster and my French Maid outfit ready to go!


So, I've been doing some thinking lately and have decided that I'm way too negative on Twitter during Oiler games. I want to be excited about this team again and being negative just sucks any chance of feeling excited away.

Something good happens and I focus on "Oh, well...Sam Gagner may have scored....BUT IT TOOK HIM 100 GAMES!!" Instead of just drinking it in for what it Oiler goal in a season where Oiler goals are rare.

I think it has just become too easy to rag on this team day in a day out. The management makes questionable moves, the coaches make questionable decisions, the players make questionable plays. It's just too easy to be negative. Couple that with 74 straight years of not making the playoffs and you get a nice steaming pot of negative soup.

But I pledge that from here on out, no matter how terrible Mark Fraser is, no matter how slow Sam Gagner skates, no matter how many 2 on 1's the power play unit gives up, I'm going to think positive thoughts and tweet positive tweets during games.

Another 2 on 1 given up during a man advantage? No problem. "You played that as best as you could, Marincin. Way to hustle back!" I will say.

Sam Gagner gets beat to a puck with a three step lead on his pursuer? No worries. "You go, young Samwise! Some of us were just born to be Honda Civics, not Ferraris!" I will tweet.

Mark Fraser takes a holding penalty because he is still learning how to skate? No big deal. "This young man needs some work, but he could turn out to be the Jason Smith we've been lacking for a real long time." I will think.

So from here on out it's all about being positive; a conscious effort to not rag on this team.




  1. This is great - I hate negative people so much.

    1. I hate those kinds of people too. They're so stupid.


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