Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Fall For Hall Has Finally Fell

Well well well.

The Edmonton Oilers have done it. They went with Hall. I gotta say I was leaning towards the Seguin camp coming into this draft; but let's be honest, either kid is a great pick. I don't think the Oilers could have gone wrong either way.

I look forward to this kid leading my favorite hockey squadron to victorious victory!

P.S. Tambo couldn't get anything else done in the first round? Bummer.


  1. Holy fuck! Is this the second coming of the site? Looks like I'll have to drop in and load up the comments with gratuitous site stat-enhancing posts - i.e. like this one.

    Towel Boy is back in business! Who saw this coming?®

  2. You owe me .25 cents for that trademarked statement....but I'll let it slide because you're my only commenter.

    P.S. Come once, come often!

    P.S.S. That's what she said.

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